Free Easter Printable Greeting Card Flower Religious Designs Digital Downloads Images

easter greeting card vintage digital download design image printable
Easter greeting card design clipart

easter greeting card digital download clipart crafting download
Easter greeting card design clipart

easter clipart greeting printable card digital download crafting
Easter greeting card design clipart

Today I've posted three, lovely floral and religious digital Easter greeting clipart. Each of these pretty digital Easter downloads have been created from vintage Easter greeting paper scraps I found in a Victorian scrapbook. All of the printable Easter cliparts are designed with colorful images of flowers: Cherry Blossoms, Snowdrops, and Pink Dogwood flowers. The printable Easter greetings also have lovely, religious sentiments printed on them, as well as images of crosses. I can imagine any one of these beautiful Easter crafting images on handmade greeting cards and gift tags.

Easter printable greeting design downloads .png

Hyacinth Craft Floral Clipart Digital Download Botanical Art Drawing

flower floral hyacinth digital download image transfer clipart
digital Hyacinth clipart image

Today I've posted a gorgeous digital download of the flower, Hyacinth. This beautiful vintage botanical art of two color varieties of the Hyacinth flower is perfect for lots of crafting projects, including spring, Mother's Day, and birthday greeting cards. Both of the Hyacinth varieties, pink and purple, are striking together in this floral clip art image.

floral flower botanical art image transfer clipart digital download
floral digital download image .png

Free Digital Download Tree Clipart Vintage Botanical Art Image Transfer

tree botanical art digital download vintage clipart image transfer
digital download tree clipart image

This is a beautifully detailed, vintage tree illustration of the tree Arborvitae Pyramidalis. Created from an 1870's seed catalog, this lovely tree digital download makes a fun and beautiful design element for any spring crafting project. The perfect cone shape of this evergreen tree makes it very eye catching. 

tree image transfer clipart botanical art download vintage illustration
digital download tree clipart .png

Free Digital Download Clipart Craft Flower Poppy Girl Botanical Artwork

floral girl flower poppy digital download botanical art clipart
clipart flower download image

This is a charming digital flower girl download image of a young, pretty girl holding a big poppy flower. The little girl is wearing a bright, blue dress, which constasts beautifully with the orange-red of the big poppy flower. This digital floral clipart would be so lovely in many spring crafting projects. I've posted a similar flower image here of a girl holding a pansy flower. And, I've posted another flower girl image here of a girl holding a large, red rose.

girl flower floral poppy botanical art clipart digital download
clipart flower girl download .png

Peacock Printable Card Label Bird Design Clipart Craft Image

free peacock bird printable label card design clipart download
printable label design download

This is a pretty, printable peacock card and label design download, created from a Victorian calling card. The printable label design has a decorative border featuring a big, beautiful peacock image. The bird clipart is very colorful and vibrant. The digital border image is also designed with lovely floral images. The blank space available in this digital design is perfect for customization for any crafting projects, including gift tags, greeting cards, note cards, business cards, and lots more.

Floral Frame Digital Download Pink Rose Border Design Craft Clipart

rose floral clipart craft digital download flower border frame image
pink rose border craft design image

This is a pretty, floral border digital download craft design created from a Victorian scrap card. The big, pink rose wrapped around the simple wooden border design makes this a wonderful shabby chic crafting download. The floral frame image would also make a lovely label design for cards and tags. I've given you two .png files for lots of possibilities for your digital crafting.

digital clipart craft rose border download .png

Girl Free Digital Download Vintage Fruit Cherry Picking Spring Clipart

girl free picking cherries spring clipart vintage digital download
girl picking cherries vintage clipart

Today I've posted a pretty digital download of a young girl picking cherries clipart. This young girl is obviously having lots of fun picking the delicious cherries as she places two cherries behind her ears, resembling dangling earrings. How cute! Her long, pink skirt is full of fresh-picked cherries. To make the harvesting hours go by quickly and joyously, she takes a minute to make her friends smile. This adorable girl digital download is great for so many crafting projects, especially gift tags, labels, or cards made for something made with cherries.

free girl picking cherries digital download fruit spring clipart
girl picking cherries vintage clipart download .png

Digital Download Vintage Victorian Sailor Boy Clipart Child Costume

boy sailor victorian digital download child image vintage clipart
Victorian sailor boy clipart

Today I've posted a beautifully restored, digital download of a Victorian sailor boy, created from a sailor boy die cut. This adorable Victorian boy clipart is incredibly vibrant and colorful! The sailor costume is so cute, and the straw hat that the boy is wearing makes the boy clipart even more adorable. This lovely vintage download is perfect for lots of boy crafting projects.

sailor boy vintage digital download child image clipart victorian
Victorian sailor boy clipart download .png

Pastel Floral Clipart Digital Flowers Pink Blue Watercolor Craft Art

floral flower clipart digital download watercolor craft image
blue watercolor floral clipart image

flower floral clipart watercolor craft digital downloads botanical art
pink watercolor floral clipart  image

These are two, very pretty watercolor flower clipart images created from vintage floral die cut paper scraps. These tiny pink and blue floral craft clipart look like watercolor flowers since they are very shabby and distressed. These flower images look smudged and imperfect, but that makes them even more perfect for lots of shabby chic crafting projects.

pastel floral clipart downloads .png

Shabby Chic Rose Clipart Floral Craft Digital Downloads Distressed Flower Images

clipart rose craft shabby chic digital download floral images
shabby chic rose clipart

rose flower floral clipart craft shabby chic digital download images
shabby chic rose clipart

Today I've posted two, lovely digital shabby chic rose clipart images of VERY distressed vintage die cuts. I love how shabby these two pink roses are! The floral clipart is so perfect for lots of crafting projects, especially for transfer images for shabby chic projects. The first pink rose clip art is of a single flower. The second pink rose clip art is of a rose bouquet. The single pink rose is surrounded by blue flowers.

shabby chic rose clipart digital downloads .png


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