Digital Fruit Pear Stock Images Botanical Clip Art Variety Howell

stock pear image
digital pear clip art .jpg
stock pear image
digital pear clip art .png

This is a marvelously beautiful digital fruit clip art of the pear variety, Howell. I created this printable pear illustration from an 1870 illustration in a seed catalog. The colors and detail are incredibly lovely. This vintage pear image is a perfect design element for creating label designs for jars of homemade goodies, handmade recipe cards, gift cards, and so many other projects. I truly hope you enjoy this beautiful pear illustration in so many of your projects!

I've posted 4, pretty digital scrapbooking papers over at The Graphics Monarch that I designed using this gorgeous pear clip art!

Digital Fruit Apple Stock Image Vintage Illustration Baldwin Variety

stock apple image
digital apple image .jpg
stock apple image
digital apple image .png

This is an amazing digital fruit clip art I created from an 1870's apple illustration of the variety, Baldwin. It's a wonderful, vintage illustration with the strikingly brilliant colors and detail. It's looks good enough to eat! This stock apple image is a perfect design element for creating labels for jars of homemade goodies, handmade recipe cards, and so many other projects. I hope you enjoy this fabulous apple illustration in any of your creative projects!

I've posted some fun and pretty digital scrapbooking papers over at The Graphics Monarch designed with this digital apple clip art!

Oval Frame Digital Crow Vintage Decorative Clip Art

frame digital crow image
decorative frame clip art .jpg

frame crow illustration digital
decorative frame clip art .png

I created this wonderful, digital frame from an illustration on the front of an old, Victorian book. I love the antique look of the stone and the crow perched on the shelf below the oval frame. This is a very unique printable frame image, especially with the crow image, so it'll take a fun, creative project to make the most of this frame clip art. I hope you enjoy this beautiful digital frame download for your creative projects!

Wildflower Stock Image Botanical Flower Clip Art Thrift

stock flower image
wildflower clip art .jpg
stock wildflower illustration
wildflower clip art .png

This is a pretty digital flower image I created from a vintage, 1885 illustration of the wildflower, Thrift. It's dainty, magenta flowers, exploding in colorful ball at the end of long stalk makes it stand out as a gorgeous wildflower. The contrast between the magenta and sage green of the leaves is very beautiful. This is a perfect flower illustration for a vintage-inspired project due its colors and shape. I hope you enjoy this beautiful wildflower clip art for many of your projects!

I've posted a very pretty project inspired by this wildflower image over at The Graphics Monarch. Go check out a 12" x 12" digital flower scrapbooking paper, which I'm sure you'll love using as a background!

Stock Food Images Vintage Illustrations Vegetables Salad

asparagus clip art digital
digital asparagus illustration .jpg
lima beans clip art digital
digital lima beans illustration .jpg

salad clip art digital
digital salad illustration .jpg

These are wonderful digital food graphics I created from three, beautifully illustrated food images. The vegetables, asparagus and lima beans, and the salad clip art are all bright and fanciful. And, with the vintage look of them, they add so much charm. I found these food illustrations in a 1966 cookbook. Whether you're creating handmade recipe cards, party invitations, or labels for homemade gifts of goodies, these stock vegetable images will be very pretty design elements in all your projects.

Digital 1 Inch Square Tiles Beauty Vintage Women Clip Art

stock woman image vintage
vintage beauty clip art .jpg

stock beauty image woman
vintage beauty clip art .jpg

vintage beauty clip art
vintage beauty clip art .jpg

These are fun, digital 1-inch square tiles featuring images of vintage beautiful women. These are great for crafting jewelry when decorating charms for bracelets, necklaces, rings, and earrings, especially those charms made with bottle caps. I created this 1-inch digital tiles from fashion illustrations in a 1915 clothes catalog. I hope you enjoy these lovely vintage beauty images in your projects!

Digital Stock Wildflower Image Flower Illustration Rag Wort

stock flower image
digital wildflower image .jpg

stock wildflower image
digital wildflower image .png

This is a digital illustration of the simple wildflower, Rag Wort. In its simplicity it's still a lovely flower with it brilliant, Daisy-like yellow petals. Digital flower clip art can be used in almost any project because it's so versatile, pretty, and conveys a message of beauty. As always, I love using stock flower images to decorate my handmade greeting cards. I hope you enjoy this wildflower illustration in many of your lovely projects!

Asian Elephant Riders Digital Clip Art Vintage Animal Illustration

stock elephant illustration
elephant clip art .jpg

stock elephant image
elephant clip art .png

This is a wonderfully colorful digital elephant image that I created from a Victorian paper scrap. I love this vintage elephant clip art with the riders sitting on the festively colorful pillows and blankets draped over the huge animal. I've posted a similar digital elephant illustration here recently. This is a perfect digital animal illustration to use as a design element for a vacation scrapbooking project, especially if you went somewhere and rode elephants. I hope you enjoy this stock elephant image in any of your creative projects!

Castle Stock Illustration Middle Eastern Clip Art

castle vintage illustration
digital castle clip art .jpg

This a simple digital stock illustration of a Middle Eastern Castle that I created from an image in a vintage book. Actually, this is another interesting find from a 1966 cookbook, and the castle image decorated a page for a recipe entitled, Jerusalem Salad. I love the soft colors and the suggestive, modest illustration. I hope that you enjoy creating with this vintage castle clip art in one of your unique projects!

Digital Vegetable Beets Illustration Clip Art

stock vegetable image
digital beets illustration .jpg

stock beets illustration
digital beets illustration .png

This is a wonderfully stylized digital illustration of beets. I created this digital vegetable clip art from an illustration in a 1966 recipe book. I love the vintage artwork and the colors! This beets image is perfect for creating handmade recipe cards to give as gifts or as a design element in a project celebrating gardening. I hope you enjoy this digital vegetable image in any of your projects!


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