Vintage Greyhound Dog Digital Download Animal Image Transfer

This is a spectacular digital download of the dog breed, Greyhound. I created this animal transfer from an 1885 illustration in a natural history book. The detail is beautiful! This illustration shows how stately this dog breed is. I hope you enjoy this digital dog transfer in your projects!

Vintage Baby Scrapbooking Clip Art Blue Elephant Toy

This is a delightful digital child's toy download of a blue elephant. I created this baby clip art from a vintage illustration in a baby's keepsake book. I love the soft shades and simple drawing of this digital toy download. This baby clip art would be charming in a project celebrating the birth of a child. I hope you enjoy this digital baby scrapbooking design element!

Digital Vintage Bird Download Animal Transfer Clip Art Fly Catcher

This is a digital image transfer of a gorgeously detailed bird illustration of two Fly Catchers perched on a branch. Both the female and male Fly Catchers perch beautifully in this bird clip art, making it a wonderful design element for a fun project. As an iron on transfer this bird download would be great on pillows, tea towels, or table runners, especially with an inspirational phrase. I hope you enjoy this vintage bird image in any of your projects!

Digital Scrapbooking Flower Clip Art Wildflower Vintage Field Scabious

This is a lovely botanical digital download of the wildflower, Field Scabious. The soft shade of lavender is so pretty. I created this wildflower clip art from a vintage illustration. I hope you enjoy this digital flower in many of your projects!

Walrus Skull Digital Download of Animal Image Transfer

This is a beautifully detailed animal skull illustration I found in a vintage natural history book. Those tusks are impressive! It's an interesting digital animal clip art that will add whimsical charm to a mixed media or collage project. I hope you enjoy this animal image transfer!

Monkey Digital Clip Art Vintage Animal Downloads

These are two, wonderful digital monkey graphics that I created from two Victorian scraps. They are whimsical images that would lots of fun to incorporate in one of your projects. The second digital monkey download is particularly funny. It looks as if it's actually smiling! These two digital monkey graphics would be perfectly charming as design elements in a scrapbooking project celebrating a trip to the zoo. I hope you enjoy these digital animal downloads!

Digital Fishing Clip Art 3 Prong Fish Hook Image Transfer

This is an impressive digital image of a 3-prong fish hook I created from vintage illustration in a hardware catalog. This fishing clip art would be a perfect design element in a project for someone who loves fishing, in a fishing vacation scrapbooking page, or decorating a gift tag. I hope you enjoy this vintage fishing download!

Vintage Women Clip Art 1 Inch Square Scrapbooking Tiles

There are so many fun possibilities with 1 inch square tiles! Today I've posted four, lovely 1 inch square scrapbooking tiles for your projects. These are especially perfect for making jewelry or decorating Scrabble tiles. I created these pretty digital women clip arts from a vintage, 1915 household catalog. I hope you enjoy these printable digital tiles!

Digital Chain Collage Sheet and Border Design of Vintage Niagara Wire

Here's a fun digital collage sheet of vintage chain images I created from a page in a hardware catalog. There's so much potential in digital chain clip art, and I've given you one creative possibility in the digital border design. I love how the chains loop together easily forming a wonderful printable border design. I hope you enjoy this digital collage and digital border designs!

Vintage Botanical Download of Digital Flower Wildflower Dove's Foot Crane's Bill

This is a pretty digital flower download of the wildflower, Dove's Foot Crane's Bill. I love the contrast of the green and magenta! It's a beautiful wildflower image with the delicate, little magenta flowers and the two-toned stalks. This digital wildflower clip art would certainly be a eye-catching design element in any of your projects. I hope you enjoy this digital botanical download!


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