Vintage Paint Brush Digital Download Painting Clip Art

This is a wonderful, detailed digital image of a vintage paint brush. I created this paint brush download from a vintage illustration in a hardware catalog. I think the metal ridge holding the bristles to the handle is a nice detail. I hope you enjoy this digital image transfer!

Digital Flower White Camellia Vintage Clip Art Botanical Download

What a beautiful white camellia flower image! I created this lovely digital flower clip art from a stunning Victorian die cut. The detail of this digital botanical download is wonderful! And, the blue ribbon tying the flower and leaves together is a pretty touch. This digital flower download could be used in so many projects, especially with that blue bow. I hope you enjoy using this flower graphic in many of your projects!

Baby Vintage Scrapbooking Digital Border Design Babies and Pillows Image Transfer

I love colorizing digital image transfers! It's a perfect way to customize an image for a project. Today I've posted an adorable digital border design of babies in pj's with pillows. How cute! This baby clip art would definitely add lots of fun and charm in a project decorating a baby's room! I can imagine this decorating the walls of a baby's room, in a scrapbooking project, as part of a photo border, or even as an embroidery design on pillows. I've given you the originals, a gray-scale version so you can create any color you desire, and 4 color choices, all in .png format. I hope you enjoy this wonderful digital border download! 

Vintage Digital Flower Clip Art Pink Rose Bouquet Download

How stunning is this pink rose flower bouquet digital image?! I created this digital flower download from a beautiful Victorian scrap. I love the wildness of the bouquet! The rose leaves and little purple-blue Forget-Me-Nots floating around the big, pink rose are so pretty, especially the leaves in the background that are a gorgeous mixture of blues and pinks. I hope you enjoy this absolutely wonderful digital, vintage rose download!

Vintage Cedar Water Bucket Digital Image Download Gardening Clip Art

This is a simple digital bucket download I created from a vintage illustration in a hardware catalog. I love using bucket images in gardening projects, especially when I create gift tags for gifts of flower seeds. I hope you enjoy this digital bucket clip art!

Digital Scrapbooking Animal Clip Art of 2 Leopard Heads Portraits

Thought I would post these two animal digital clip arts of a leopard together since they're similar, but also incredibly different. There is natural beauty in both digital leopard downloads, showing its drastic range of behavior. These two digital leopard images would be fun in a scrapbooking project celebrating a visit to the zoo. I hope you enjoy these vintage leopard graphics!

Halloween Cauldron Digital Download Vintage Clip Art Image Transfer

It's time to begin planning Halloween projects! I love getting an early start on the holidays and special occasions. It's never hurts, does it? Today I've posted a wonderful, vintage digital transfer of a cauldron. It's perfect for any of your Halloween projects! I hope you enjoy this vintage cauldron image!

Romantic Young Colonial Vintage Couple Clip Art

This is a spectacular digital romantic download of a young couple outdoors. The soft colors of this romantic image are gorgeous. I love the muted shades of pink and mauve. The girl's pink dress is divine! Especially with the apron full of roses. She is no doubt trying to catch the attention of the young, handsome gentleman who is pretending interest in leisurely reading. This is a wonderful digital romantic clip art that would be lovely as part of a handmade Valentine. I hope you enjoy this digital vintage couple download!

Vintage Digital Burdock Wildflower Download Botanical Clip Art

Despite the lovely detail, this digital flower clip art isn't truly pretty. However, it is a wonderful digital botanical download of the wildflower, Burdock. I've given you a colored version, which I think makes it so wonderful for handmade greeting cards. I hope you enjoy this digital botanical clip art!

Cow Wheat or Melampyre Wildflower Digital Botanical Flower Download

This is certainly an attractive flower. I created this digital flower clip art from an 1885 botanical illustration in a wildflower book. This is the wildflower, Cow Wheat or Melampyre. I love the bright yellow flowers. They really stand out! I hope you enjoy this beautiful vintage wildflower download!


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