Front Door Clipart Flower Garden Image Household Download

front door image 

This is a lovely front door image of a pretty house. The beautiful, colorful flowers surrounding the front door and walkway make this a wonderful design element for a house or home project. I can imagine this digital front door illustration on the front of a handmade greeting card for someone who's just moved into a new home. Or, this door image would be nice on a gift tag for a house warming gift.

Antique Advertisement Rose Download Perfume Image Hoyt's Cologne

advertisement perfume antique image

antique perfume advertisement image

This is a beautiful digital antique advertisement card for Hoyt's Cologne. I created this advertisement clip art from an advertisement card I found in one of my Victorian scrapbooks. I love the pretty pink rose image with the pretty girl's face inside the rose. This digital rose image would be so wonderful  as gift tag or as a design on a handmade greeting card.

American Flag Download July 4th Image Independence Clip Art

american flag image independence day clip art
American flag download .jpg
american flag independence clip art
American flag download .png

What a stunning American flag download! I created this digital American flag image from a beautiful illustration I found in a child's reader. It's the most gorgeous flag clip art I've found. This American flag image, the fabric rustling in the breeze is majestic. The gold tassels swinging in the wind also gives the flag image movement and making it much more visually interesting. This is perfect flag clip art for any July 4th and Independence Day celebrations you have planned. 

Free Vintage Baking Product Download Food Extract Image

baking food download extract bottle image
vintage baking download .jpg
baking product food download vintage image
vintage baking download .png

This is a beautifully detail digital baking download I created from a 1915 food extract bottle products illustration. I recently posted a similar digital baking download here of bottles of food extract and colorings. This digital baking clip art would be great in a project related to homemade goodies, such a cookies and other desserts. I think the baking illustration alone makes a great gift tag design! 

Free Vintage Perfume Bottle Download Beauty Image

perfume beauty download vintage image
digital beauty clip art .jpg
perfume bottle beauty image vintage
digital beauty clip art .png

This is a beautiful digital beauty download of a vintage perfume bottle I created from a 1915 perfume illustration. I recently posted a similar vintage perfume bottle download here from the same California Perfume Company catalog. This beauty illustration is of a bottle of violet scented perfume. The lilac and purple shades on the vintage perfume label are so pretty. This would make a great gift tag for a gift for a woman who loves perfume! 

Free Digital Rose Label Download Open Book Flowers Design

label rose download blank design
digital rose label download

This is an incredibly beautiful digital rose label that I created from a Victorian scrap card. I love the distressed, muted look and colors of the flower label. The open book tucked within the rose bouquet is lovely. This digital flower label download can be used for so many customized projects.

Free Vintage Hat Fashion Image Cherub Flower Daisy Design

hat cherub fashion daisy flower image
vintage hat fashion image

This is a wonderful digital fashion image I created from a Victorian scrap card. I love the little cherub holding a giant daisy as it sits on the woman's vintage straw hat. And, that hat is so pretty with the wildflowers and big, red hat band. The flowers, hat, and tiny dragonfly make this hat image a perfect spring image for your projects.

Bird Flower Digital Label Design Download

bird label flower design download
bird label design download

This is a pretty digital label I created from a vintage scrap card. It was incredibly distressed and tattered around the edges, but with a little digital restoration, I've brought it back to life. I love the bird and flower design of the label, especially how the bird and flower images frame the blank space. This digital bird label design is perfect for business cards or as design elements on the front of handmade greeting cards.

Free Digital Wildflower Download Flower Image Lesser Celandine

wildflower image download flower clip art
digital flower image .jpg
flower wildflower download image botanical art
digital flower image .png

This is a pretty and brightly colored digital flower image of the wildflower, Lesser Celandine. The yellow flowers of this botanical download are gorgeous! This flower illustration shows the beauty of this wildflower with its bright, yellow petals and broad, triangle-shaped leaves. The tall flower stems look almost like fireworks exploding as they stretch high above the leaves. 

Free Vintage Baking Product Download Food Extract Image

baking kitchen download food extract image
vintage baking clip art .jpg
food extract baking vintage download image
vintage baking clip art .png

This is a wonderful vintage baking digital download that I created from a 1915 illustration. I love the detail of the food extract box labels. Even though the extract box labels are designed in green, the varied fonts and shades of green make this kitchen illustration very interesting. I think this food clip art would be a fun and charming design element in a baking, kitchen, or label project. 


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